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Serge Schoffel Art Premier

Ku n'gan society mask

19th - early 20th century
Wood, hair, cowrie shells, medallion of St. Christopher
H. 33 cm (with the hair: ca. 110 cm)

- Collected in situ ca. 1960 by Klaus Paysan, photographer and author from Stuttgart, Germany (1930-2011); the mask was a gift from King Fon Happi III of Bana
- Boris Kegel-Konietzko, Hamburg, Germany

Published in:
- PAYSAN, Klaus, 1966. “Unsere Kosmo-Foto-Safari, Totenfeier der Bamilke in Kamerun, Fetische und Zaubermedizin” in Kosmos, no. 10, October 1966, Stuttgart, Germany.

Dimensions : H. 33 cm (with the hair: ca. 110 cm)

Country : Cameroon

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